Product Description :-

Drivol Octane Plus is a premium product with self-mixing blend of active agents suitable for all-purpose gasoline application. Elevates the gasoline fuel research octane number (RON) by 2 – 4 points. Safeguards the engine from damage caused by knocking combustion by enhancing fuel performance. , thereby promoting lower fuel consumption through heightened octane levels.

Key Features:-
  • Boosts the octane rating of gasoline fuel.
  • Enhances engine performance.
  • Guards against engine damage from knocking combustion.
Area of Applications:-
  • Designed to boost the octane rating of gasoline in vehicles.
Direction for Use:
  • 150 ml is enough for 50 liters of gasoline. Add directly to the tank before refueling, where it will mix automatically.
  • Avoid storing the product at temperatures exceeding 38°C for extended periods.
  • Combustible - Do not heat or use near open flame.
  • Avoid Contact with eyes or skin. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in tightly closed original container in a cool, dry well-ventilated place.
  • Product should never be stored above 50°C, exposed to hot sun or freezing conditions.
Technical Data
Sr. Characteristics Test Results
1 Appearance Brown, Clear
2 Base Additives, Naphtha
3 Odor Characteristic
4 Form Liquid
5 Flash Point 62 °C
6 Pour Point -45 °C
7 Density at 15 °C 0,817 g/cm³
8 Viscosity at 40 °C < 7,0 mm²/s

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