Drivol Maxpro Plus Transmission Fluids & Gear Oils SAE 75W-80 GL-5

Product Description :-

Drivol Maxpro Plus SAE 75W-80 GL-5 stands as a premium fully synthetic multigrade gear and transmission oil, blended from top-tier synthetic base oils. It integrates precisely balanced extreme pressure additives, engineered to mitigate scuffing and scoring encountered by transmission gears operating under high-speed, high-torque conditions.

Key Features:-
  • Prolonged oil drain intervals
  • Robust wear protection for gears and bearings
  • Exceptional low-temperature flow characteristics
  • Elevated levels of shear stability and viscosity retention
  • Remarkable fuel efficiency and reduced oil consumption
  • Specifically formulated for hypoid differentials, axles, and final drives necessitating API GL-5 SAE 75W-80 gear lubricants.
  • Suited for a broad spectrum of vehicles including passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, heavy commercial vehicles, and off-road equipment.
Specification / Recommendations:
International Standards & Meet the Requirements
GL-5/ MIL L 2105 C; FORD WSD M2C200-C, MACK GO-J PLUS; PSA B71 2330
Technical Data
Sr. Characteristics Test Method Test Results
1 Appearance Visual Bright & Clear
2 Density @ 15°C (g/ml) ASTM D1298 0.864
3 Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) ASTM D445 56.8
4 Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) ASTM D445 9.5
5 Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 151
6 Flash Point COC (°C) ASTM D92 218
7 Pour Point (°C) ASTM D97 -42

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